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Fairy lights!

Fairy light canopies can create a warm and inviting atmosphere and are perfect for weddings as they will look fabulous in your photographs. They will add a sparkle to anywhere they are hung, accentuating features and looking fantastic in barn style venues around exposed beams and high ceilings.

We supply and install fairy lights for weddings and events across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, we include all the necessary equipment, installation and removal post events. The most popular design ideas to decorate your venue are as follows:

Star Canopy

In this popular design the fairy lights stands emanate from a central point to other points around a room. This works particularly well in barns or venues with a high central point such a centre beam.


Fairy lights are a fantastic way to add a little light to an otherwise gloomy outdoor space. They can be strung across courtyards and driveways, swags could be added to fences or hedges, or they can be wrapped around pillars and porticos and tree trunks.

Single Swag

A single swag canopy creates a single, elegant arc of lights between two beams.


In this style of design fairy lights are hung side to side across the room creating a dense starry ceiling of sparkling lights.

Multi Swag

Multi-swag or parallel canopies is a stunning fairy light display. Parallel lines of fairy lights are suspended from beams, forming several swags of lights along the length of the venue.

Festoon lights

Festoons are a series of bulbs on a black cable which can be attached to or suspended between buildings or natural features like trees. They give a diffused, warm white light which is perfect for illuminating larger spaces such as around the edges of or around a courtyard or patio or along the side of pathways. They can also be hung between buildings, along the edge of barns or buildings and look fantastic hung in the branches of large trees.

We use high quality connectable festoon lights, with bulbs which are spaced 50cm apart, with warm white LED bulbs on a black wire. Our festoon lights have an incredibly low power consumption therefore making them suitable for rustic venues where the power available is limited. As the bulbs don’t get hot they are perfectly safe to use close to fabrics or sensitive surfaces or outdoors when in easy reach of wandering hands.

We supply and install festoon lights for weddings and events across Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire and include all the necessary equipment, installation and removal post event. The most popular design ideas to decorate your venue or outdoor space are as follows:

Festoon Crossed Strands

Suspended from the beam braces or beam ends, festoon lights are hung in a generous swag from point to point, creating crosses of lights along the room.

Festoon Backdrops and Swags

Hang festoons down a wall as a backdrop behind a ceremony or top table or use swags of lights under or between beams and other fixing points for a simple, effective display.

Single Swag

A single swag is created by zigzagging back and forth between the venue's main beams.


Decorative up-lighting can be used to provide stunning, contemporary and colourful ambient lighting, which can add interest to spaces and when dotted around a room will create an inviting and intimate atmosphere. Up-lighting is a versatile lighting technique which is the perfect way to set the mood for your wedding or event and complements other forms of lighting such as fairy lights or festoons.

Our LED uplighters have a huge range of colours suitable for any theme and able to bring any space or room to life or the ability to transform the mood with a touch of a button.

Our LED uplighters are completely wireless and will run all day from a single charge, which are ideal for venues where there are limited sockets available, or the uplighter needs to be positioned in a tricky location.

Moving outdoors, uplighters offer a flexible yet dramatic way of adding light outdoors. Our waterproof wireless uplighters can be used to shine light up from floor level onto walls, entrance doors, specific features or even trees. The uplighters create a stunning look by highlighting selected features and reflects back into the surrounding space, giving a soft light glow. Being wireless means our lights can be positioned for the best effect without the worry of trailing cables crossing paths and doorways.

Pipe and Drape Kits

Ideal for providing the perfect backdrop to your event, dividing rooms or hiding or covering unsightly areas, these freestanding kits are available up to a maximum dimension of 6m long and 3 m high. They are available in white either with or without star cloth lights and swags.

DIY Disco

If you'd like to dance the night away to your own music playlist, our DIY disco package is perfect for you. Our inclusive package includes everything needed to connect your own music source to our powerful, high quality BOSS speakers. Included within this package we supply:

Bose L1 pro 8

A more comprehensive system which can be paired with our DIY lighting package to keep the party going all night long. All our systems feature state of the art active speakers with built in amplifiers meaning you just simply plug or Bluetooth your preferred source of music or simply add a microphone depending on which application you require the sound system to perform.

Chauvet Gig

3:1 lighting system which includes 2 x LED Derby, 2 x LED parts and strobe effect all mounted in one bar. Paired with a smoke machine and you have the ultimate plug and play system for any occasion. Either as part of a DIY disco package or in between your bands sets our simple to use system will ensure the party stays in full swing for as long as you want. Supplied with tripods and remote controls these systems are easy to set up and install.

Love Letters

Bring a little love to your wedding reception with our special reclaimed timber 4ft LOVE letters. Our custom-made LOVE letters are always popular with family and friends and look fabulous in photos. Our hire price starts at just £200.00, with discounts available if you hire any of our other services too.

We can install our LOVE letters anywhere you wish as long as there is sufficient access to power. We have our favourite locations to place them at a number of venues we work closely with, however we are more than happy to hear of any ideas that you may have.

Denis the vintage Land Rover

Our lovingly restored 1963 series IIa Safari Land Rover is available to hire complete with your very own chauffeur..

Denis is one of the rarer models made by Land Rover, being focused on the expert market in the hotter climates. It was the vehicle of choice for land agents and the farming gentry and to find a vehicle of this fabulous, restored condition is considered a rarity.

Make an entrance and arrive at your venue in a unique style for your wedding day or special occasion. Denis will then stick around and can be the focal point for some fun and memorable photos.

Bose S1 Pro

Our Bose S1 Pro sound system is the perfect option for all weddings, fitted with a lithium-ion battery and Bluetooth technology. This little speaker comes with a microphone and stand to ensure everyone hears the best man’s speech. Utilising Bluetooth on any device can be paired with this light portable speaker to deliver background music at any time anywhere.

Mobile Bars

If you are looking for a mobile bar for your event, we have a collection of bars to suit any occasion. Our flagship bar started life as a vintage Sinclair horsebox which has been lovingly restored into a luxury bar. We also have a striking wooden bar with Edison bulbs suspended above the stunning oak wavy edge bar top. We also have a fabulous rustic pallet bar or black and stainless-steel LED backlit bar unit.


Prices do vary as they depend on the lights that you are hiring as well as how long they take us to install at your chosen venue. Below is a guide of our prices and services, but rest assured we will always work with your budget in mind.

Fairy light canopy – from £250.00

50m Festoon – from £250.00 

Pipe & Drape kit – £200.00 

Up-lights – From £25.00 each 

DIY Disco – £275.00 

PA System – £75.00 

Denis – from £200.00

Rustic Bars – from £250.00 

Venue package – from £475.00


We only use temporary, non-damaging fixings and have the utmost respect for the venue in which we are working. We also take safety seriously and can supply evidence of our public liability insurance and portable appliance testing certificates.